„IZOTEKS“ L.L.C. is an independent company founded on May 12th, 1999 and apart from internal and foreign trade, it also deals with services and contractors’ works within the field of construction business.

In the last period this company carried out works on:
- main, regional and local roads as well as on town streets,
- plateaus, sidewalks and squares,
- halls, underground and multi-storey car parks,
- complete infrastructure (water supply, sewerage system, electric power system, gas line…)
- bridges
in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Šabac, Leskovac, Obrenovac, Zaječar, Gornji Milanovac, Ub, Čačak, Koceljeva, Šabačka Kamenica, Velika Plana, Aranđelovac, Ruma and other towns. For these works the following materials were used:
- asphalt,
- concrete,
- insulating materials,
- stone and
- prefabricated materials.

Hydro-insulation works were carried out:
- on the bridge “Velika Morava” near Mijatovac,
- on the overpasses near Velika Plana,
- during the reparation of damage on the parts of the bridge over the river Danube from Smederevo to Kovin.

The preparation of the bridge “Sloboda” in Novi Sad for the assembly of the parts of the bridge destroyed during the bombing in 1999 was made for the Investor of the European Agency for Reconstruction.

In the period from 2002 to 2008 „IZOTEKS“ L.L.C. carried out the works on the town streets, sidewalks, car parks, platforms, staircases and tram stops in Belgrade and Belgrade’s municipalities, without disturbing the traffic flow during the works.

The company „IZOTEKS“ carried out all the above mentioned works with its full-time employed personnel and its own machinery.

The company owns:

- personal bookkeeping and accounting service,
- workshop,
- production ground in Obrenovac,
- ground for repairing and maintaining the machinery and
- personal accommodation for workers.